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Bio: Our History
At year of 1998,we start our neckwear producing, main products are, neckties, bow ties, scarfs etc, till now, after 18 years developing, our products covers all garment and apparels especially, such as, neckwears, suits, shirts, vest, etc.
Our Factory
Our factory located at Shangjiang industrial zone, Shengzhou, Zhejiang, China, we have more than 10000 square meters standard factory.
Our Product
Necktie, bow tie, scarf, vest, shirts, suits
Product Application
Especially for man.
Our Certificate
Production Market
40% to Europe
40% to South America
20% to North America
Our service
We have more than 18 years of clothing and clothing production and export experience.
Before the sale, there are their own design teams, which can be provided to guests to select the list of products according to the different sales season.
In the sale, we can provide the production schedule for the guests to understand the production of the whole order and confirm the date of delivery.
After sale, we will provide a full set of transport documents in time, and apply for the after sales feedback form after receiving the guests, so as to facilitate the company to summarize experience and problems and improve in time.Striped Silk Ties
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